Our aim is to be a partner of reference prepared, competent and quality in the design, implementation, maintenance and improvement of electrical systems and water treatment plants, for civil, industrial facilities and public interest in order to drive in a clear and safe our clients to achieve their objectives.


One of the main interest in this field has always been for TECNONORD the water treatment. Water resources are not equally distributed on our planet: about 10 are the countries that have at disposal the 60% of natural waters.


This is a very important segment from civil – housing’s point of view, as the modern society is mostly based on energy consumerism and exploitation, out of which electric energy is a significant part.The production of electric energy is the first phase of the process.


In industrial installation segment Tecnonord is able to offer to its customers a wide range of customized specific services. Our group has the skills to implement structures and installations for industry needs from general carpentry processings, carried out in our workshops.


The continuous development of technology and regulations of sector require constant quality monitoring of electrical quantities and plant efficiency. Through the use of correct techniques and tools we are in able to provide the following types of measurements on request.


Born in 1979 from the founders ‘s dream, to supply to their customers qualitative products and services, TECNONORD in 40 years has become a leader in the sector, due to its commitment and reliability in work. The great experience and professionalism, known and appreciated on the market, give to TECNONORD a continuous chance to grow year after year, both in Italy and abroad, leading it to offer to its clients a complete service of Design – Production – Maintenance – Management in the two business macro areas referred: Environment and Energy.The heart and engine of the company is the Technical Staff, that has pluriannual experience in Plant field, a know-how enriched by will to follow that dream still today, with constant training e research related to technical and management development in work’s world. TECNONORD administration and operative’s headquarter is based in Trichiana (Belluno – Italy), the plant is about indoor 1100 m² (200 m² office and 900m² technical area) and outdoor 1000 m² for the raw materials and for the facilities deposit.

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